Gayle and Lu are in Hantsport!

Hanging out at Steve & Joann’s log home. Just relaxing until later on- there’ll be some serious picking and grinning …. you just watch … stay tuned


Road Trip Day 2

This is the chronicle of the drive through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. At night. In DRIVING TORRENTIAL rain, thunder & lightning. On the “scenic route“. Through rural road construction. Meeting transport trucks on moose-laden routes. Didn’t see one moose, but if we see another blasted moose sign……..

[We DID see an over-abundance of Moose Inns, Moose Restaurants, Moose Parks, Moose Rivers Moose Campgrounds and curio shops. Those people are just encouraging wanton moosedness!]

Arrived Skowhegan KOA Kampground around midnight in the rain. Utterly exhausted. Laughed our fool heads off for no apparent reason. Poor Gayle had a “where’s the bathroom!!!!” moment in the toilet-free Kabin. Slept like dead women. Got up when the office was still closed, never meeting the owners, dropped the key and headed for Dunkin’ Donuts and the great MIRAMICHI. Good humouredly driving up the MAIN ROAD into New Brunswick.

Had a good feed of fish chowder with egg salad sandwich for me and HUGE chef’s salad for Gayle at the Murray’s Irving and restaurant. Refortified to head post haste to the Mirimichi Folksong Festival.

Unremarkable drive. Trees. Vistas. No moose.

pics coming later

Roadtrip Day 1

[editor’s note:  this post got lost in the shuffle of sketchy satellite wifi. It concerns events of August 1, 2010]

Can’t believe how easily we got to Fort Erie and through Customs at the Peace Bridge.  Of course, we’re not supposed to bring fruits or vegetables across the border at all, but I did tell the nice young Customs Officer that we were carrying just enough food for our snacks along the way.  Later Gayle told me that the cherries (contraband) were NOT good Ontario ones, but from the U.S.  They made a round trip.

The drive on I-90 was uneventful the whole way.  The Thruway is now offering free wifi at their rest stops.  I tried to Tweet out an update from my phone, but do you think I know how to Twitter yet?  I need someone who DOES to SHOW me.  I’ll just bring in the netbook next time.

The drive from I-90 to our KOA Cooperstown campground was just gorgeous!  Oh, that Appalachian Chain!  Lots of dairy farms around here.  It’s actually closer to Richfield than Cooperstown.  And for those of you who are “in the know” – yes!  It is the Cooperstown of baseball fame.

For supper, being all smelly and sweaty from our drive, and there being drizzly rain, we decided to go very casual for dinner.  We were told at a neighbouring motel that because of all the baseball folk, even the more upscale dining rooms accept our disheveled types.  However, we chose a homey, quaintly decorated place called the Tunnicliff Creamery, where Gayle ate a very generous bowl of homemade chili, remarking, “This is probably the best chili I’ve ever had!” I should say so!  I saw her pick up chunks of ground beef the size of her soup spoon, and boy, did that spoon move quickly!!

There are many and varied cultural opportunities in this county, it appears, from reading the local Sunday paper.  At Glimmerglass Opera this summer you can hear Puccini’s Tosca, The Tender Land by Copland, Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro, or Tolomeo by Handel.  I’d say that’s a smattering of opera through the ages!  Looks like there will be lots of great events at the Richfield Spring Pride Days, too.

For those of you who were concerned:  We ditched the tent and rough camping gear at Gayle’s before we left and chose to bring her instead!  That means that we are now staying in the KOA Kabins, motels, and B & Bs instead.  Gayle thought there was a bad odour in our Kabin when we arrived, but it didn’t seem more than mothballs and disinfectant to me.  But then, I moronically left my newly-purchased sinus meds and heavy-duty antibiotics AT HOME, so perhaps my smeller is not working as well as hers.

There are quite a few Kampers here with little girls in a special baseball tournament at Cooperstown.  One of those young families from Michigan (Chuck & April) invited us over to their campfire for marshmallows (after Gayle taunted them, I must add).  We ended up taking the flute, guitar, and bodhran over to their neighbourly fire and entertained for s’mores until “quiet hour”.  mmmmmm!  We even had some little “song sparrows” come and sing Taylor Swift tunes for us to the accompaniment of their iPhones.  How sweet! Too bad we didn’t pre-arrange a concert with the owner/operators of this Kampground. She said she’d have given us our rental for free! Something to keep in mind next time around….

WHEW! What an “interesting” drive

OK.  So first I lost my cellphone at the KOA in Cooperstown.  Found it in our trash after Gayle went dumpster diving.

Drove a long way on scenic Route 20 east through NY state.  BEAUTY!  The twisty little turns and detour on Route 4 gave me about 5 “pullover moments”.

Now we’re at the Vermont Welcome Station (LOVELY!) just checking in.  Headed Eastward across Vermont today and halfway across Maine.

More to come…….

WHOOPS!  It appears that the post I  tried to make this morning got lost in the shuffle.  I’ll repost it later tonight.

Big Adventure Ceilidh Road Trip T-3

We bumped up a day on our schedule because my Auntie broke her foot and isn’t able to host the Family Picnic we’d planned for Sunday. I’m really glad – not that she broke her foot – but that we have the extra travel day. Women our age really shouldn’t be driving more than 8 hours a day if we want to keep our health and sanity.

Speaking of health and sanity…. as you follow our journey, you might make comparisons with Oprah and Gayle’s famous road trip. Apparently “It took a village to produce the five-show series … six vehicles and a total of 18 support staff … the crew that followed Oprah and Gayle across country were constantly scrambling to make sure things were in place.” EIGHTEEN SUPPORT STAFF! Contrast this with 2 middle-aged, plump women in a 2000 Honda Accord, carrying a tent, cot, air mattresses, cooler, CPAP machine, and enough clothes for 5 days.

Road Trip Planning T-8

Spent some time surfing around the B&B sites for Nova Scotia hospitality. Found this fun little post along the way:
What’s Your Favourite Road Trip Food?. For me, it used to be cheezies, but now – I just don’t know. So we’ll take a variety of dried fruits, nuts, LICORICE, veggies and dips, cheese and crackers. Since we have the plug-in cooler, we can also keep a nice assortment of cold drinks.

Did some more itinerary planning with Sir Dennis of Delhaven, who made the EXCELLENT suggestion that we attend the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival. I am absolutely DELIGHTED to be able to hear David Francey, whose songs I have been teaching to my young voice students. [I found out that he lives just a couple of miles down the road from where I used to hang out as a young hippie. great spot!]

Since I get all happy-feeling from frailing banjos, Dennis highly recommends Old Man Luedecke. I am also looking forward to hearing Gadelle, since we’ll miss them in Miramichi, and also The Good Lovelies who played here when I was playing my own gig, not to mention, my good old friend, Gordon Stobbe, on whose program “Up Home Tonight” the boys of Appalachian and I were featured ‘back in the day’.

Oh, this trip just gets gooder and gooder!!!

Hope there are some B&Bs left in Lunenburg over that weekend!

Road trip planning T-12

It’s been so long since I took a long road trip, that my brain is working overtime on all the little details which make the journey comfy and smooth.

The plan is now that we shall get a campsite/homebase at Cape Blomidon for the first few days we’re in Nova Scotia.
Cape Blomidon

However, if I remember correctly, the cold, damp fog can settle in over Glooscap’s haunt like a soggy blanket. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my memory, I feel the nasty chill of trying to sleep in that kind of environment. Maybe this will have to be re-thought.

Perhaps some of you dear readers could give a shout-out about B&B’s they’ve visited and LIKED while traveling through the Maritimes. I’m certain the hosts would appreciate the advertising.

SHEESH! Where is that “Finder Fairy” when I need him! My new camera is playing hide-&-go-seek again!

Oh! I almost forgot! I’ve got our “branded” website almost finished. You can go have a boo over here:

(if you find anything wonky there, just use one of the email links to inform the ‘webmistress’ hehehehe!)

Gael and Lu’s Big Adventure Nova Scotia Ceilidh Road Trip

We are getting SO pumped about this road trip we’re planning for the first two weeks of August.  Got Roadie-Bob1 inspecting the tent and camping apparati.  Borrowed Kristin’s electric cooler and picnic set, and got the car power inverter from RS.

We plan on blogging the whole trip – complete with pics and soundbites if we can get the technology figured out!

Stay tuned!